Michael Rathbone

I have been working with music and education since 2000, helping to rebuild the music studio at Avenues Youth Project, London. 

After working as part of the team there for 6 years I obtained my BEd from the Institute of Education UCL and an MA in Community Arts from Goldsmiths, where I studied with Phil Mullen. 

This led to my involvement with Sound Makers, a Wider Opportunities programme working with dozens of primary schools in Brighton & Hove, as well as continuing to deliver music-tech based programmes to 'hard-to-reach' groups of young people, through music charity, Rhythmix.

Most recently I have been working with Southwark Music Service delivering the Primary Music Curriculum, and with Drumhead, providing workshops in African percussion and song.

I understand how music teaches as it entertains, providing the means for both the deepest expression and reflection; how it brings people together to share a common language; how it helps with essential skills like listening, coordination, cooperation, planning, focus and commitment; and how it helps us to grow, and to understand and apreciate better the life we are living.