Southwark Saturday School

Shebab Jam

A group of about fifteen Key Stage 2 students composed and recorded this piece as part of their 40 minute session. The tune was built around an original motif played on the cello, which was then looped in the computer. Other students added to this using their instruments. They used a drum machine to

Primary EBD School

Purple Jambo - Skype collaboration

The music sessions included two live link-ups with a school for teenagers in Florida, USA. We sampled the teenagers' rendition of a traditional West-African song with Djembe drums and used it to develop our own composition which we then performed back to them.

Year 10 after school programme

Moo Fish

Three 90 minute sessions was all it took for these Year 10 students to write and record their song using guitars, keyboards, voice , drums and drum machines. The raw material was then edited and mixed and presented to the students as a packaeged CD.

Year 6 lunch-time club

Squad of the Century

Nine Year 6 students formed the heart of the lunch-time club in a Southwark Primary School. For half an hour each week they gathered in the music room to learn how to play guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion. By the end of the year they had composed three original songs, two with vocals, all of which they performed to the whole school.

Sound Makers

Big Brass Wolf - instrumental

The Sound Makers programme saw community musicians and Brighton & Hove Music service providing 15 weekly sessions along with the instruments required, to year 5 and 6 students to experience whole class group composition and performance. Most of the children had never played an instrument before. Each class had 15 weeks to learn to play their instrument, to work as part of an ensemble, and to write and perform their own music in front of an audience. 

Year 4 Music Tech

Introduce Yourself

A whole class of Year 4 students crossed the road from their school buliding to the youth project, where they were introduced to the recording, radio and dance studios. As part of the three week programme they made a CD, using live percussion, voice and music tech. Each student had a 'signature sound' chosen from the computer library. 

Primary Care

Year 2 children sing with residents at a local care home


A whole class of year 2 children were taken to visit a local care home. Each year 2 class spent the first half of term preparing songs and routines to perform. In the second half of term they visited the older residents of the care home on a weekly basis accompanied by school staff and two music facilitators.

Southwark Saturday School

New Shoes

Another group of Key Stage 2 students composed and recorded this song using simple music technology equipment provided by the teacher. An initial musical idea was looped and added to, with each student contributing according to their skill. Some students also wrote lyrics and a song was made, which they performed at the end of term concert.

Primary EBD School


Two community musicians developed and delivered an innovative project with vulnerable children, across a term, using creative music sharing and Skype. This project used music and technology in a primary EBD PRU to build confidence, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing while using Skype to link with teenagers in the USA. A creative music project with world music influences. Cildren created their own live music with loped live recordings, percussion, drum machines, metallophones, xylophones and improvised vocals.

Sound Makers

Pandora's Box - soundscape

Children were typically encouraged to develop their technical, listening and performance skills around the composition of three ensemble pieces - an instrumental piece, a soundscape, and a song.

Southwark Saturday School

Mice & Giants

The Key Stage 2 orchestra took some time off with this improvisation piece.  They are joined by two students playing electronic drum kits. 

Sound Makers

Chicken Nugget

Children took turns to come forward and perform their part of the song into the microphone. A drum machine helped the song to keep rolling.